Featured Op-Ed: Cohousing, a True Path to Sustainable Living

Recently, the Lakeville Journal, a local Connecticut paper featured an op-ed by our own Lynn Gaffney on what has inspired her to take a deep dive into the world of cohousing and why it’s a powerful way for residents to truly have an impact on their communities—and the world at large. Read an excerpt below:

Over the last year I’ve visited over a dozen cohousing neighborhoods across the country. Imagine neighborhoods that are custom designed, welcoming, and sustainable, where the intentional community shines strong. One of my main interests is how cohousing designs promote spontaneous interaction while respecting the residents’ need for solitude. The privately owned units are tightly arranged and smaller than typical houses but the generous common amenities become extensions of the home. A large common house is a main cohousing feature and always the active hub of the neighborhood. 

Two years ago, my dear friend, the late Cynthia Conklin of Sharon [CT], asked me to help her introduce cohousing to the Northwest Corner. While Cynthia’s life was busy with many friends, she lived alone and wanted to live in community. Since her passing in August 2017, I’ve been speaking about cohousing to anyone who would listen — planners, housing advocates, farmers with extra acres to sell, realtors, and interested residents. 

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