A Wonderful Surprise About Living in Cohousing — Lessons from #COHOCON2019

The recent CohoCon (National Cohousing Conference) brought together cohousing residents, architects, builders, and consultants to talk about the present and future states of the industry. We were so inspired by all of the different people we met throughout the event, that we wanted to bring back some of their insights. Over the next few weeks, look out for videos from the conference both here and on our social media pages.

In this video, we spoke to Jim S., a resident of PDX Commons, an adult cohousing community comprised of about 40 residents between the ages of mid-50s to late-70s. We toured this warm and charming community as part of CohoCon, learning more about how the residents live, how the spaces are used, and how the project came together.

We asked Jim: What’s been one of his favorite surprises about living in a cohousing community?

How Cohousing Facilitates Caring in the Community

The following is a transcript of our interview with Jim, lightly edited for clarity.

One of the nicest things that I've noticed is how caring this group is for each other. We have a group we put together called the Mitzvah Squad, which, when somebody's having difficulty or an operation in the hospital or is having an illness, or something like that, and they're convalescing, we put together a support team.

They provide meals, they provide company, they provide relief for the spouse, and it was just amazing to me that this would come together organically and that, of course we would have a care team that would take care of people.

So, that was one of the real surprises, is just how walking the walk of cohousing means sharing and caring. And it just happened to us in spades.