Helping you bring neighborhoods home. 

What’s cohousing?

Cohousing neighborhoods are intentional, locally-rooted, sustainable, and supportive communities. They are designed, owned, managed, and maintained by the residents. Private homes are complete units gathered around a vibrant common house and other common spaces. Take a look at the Cohousing Association of the United States website. It explains these neighborhoods quite nicely and shows the 165 established communities across the country.

Who’s leading this effort?

Lynn Gaffney is an architect whose interest in intentional housing has led her to form Cohousing Opportunities Group, an entity initiating and supporting new cohousing neighborhoods in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Lynn started her architectural firm in 1997 - Lynn Gaffney Architect - and with her team, she has designed homes, restaurants, and nonprofit institutions. Lynn is excited to be part of Cohousing Solutions’ 500 Communities program, led by Katie McCamant, a national leader in the cohousing movement. Formerly of McCamant & Durrett Architects, Katie founded Cohousing Solutions which provides development consulting across North America. Through 500 Communities, Katie trains entrepreneurs in cohousing development best practices while working collaboratively with them on their efforts.

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